Signature of collaboration agreement with Abanca

ABANCA and the Association renew their historic collaboration agreement, with advantageous conditions for the companies in the polygon.

ABANCA and the Asociación de Empresarios renew their historic collaboration agreement.

The new text, signed this morning at the headquarters of the Association of Entrepreneurs in the polygon itself, shows the bank’s support for the productive activity of the main industrial area of ​​the province, just at a critical moment marked by the health and economic situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The agreement was signed this morning by the president of the San Cibrao Industrial Estate Business Association, José Antonio Rodríguez, and by the territorial director of ABANCA in Ourense, Rubén Saavedra.

With the new text, which comes into force from this moment, the two entities redouble their commitment to the viability and growth of one of the most important sources of employment and wealth in the province.

The main novelty of the agreement has to do with the official financing created specifically to face the COVID-19 crisis. San Cibrao businessmen will have at their disposal the lines set up by the ICO and by the Igape, which the entity processes with special diligence, thanks to its office located in the polygon itself.

Thanks to this agreement, the bank makes available to the companies belonging to the association a financing plan that responds comprehensively to their needs.

The document includes products and services that allow both making investments and reinforcing the competitiveness of these projects. Thus, entrepreneurs in this industrial area will have specifically designed products, among which stand out personal and mortgage loans or furniture leasing, with long repayment terms, the possibility of deficiencies and very competitive interests.

ABANCA’s financial offer also includes solutions for the most pressing needs and thus to be able to adapt to the demands of daily activity.

The group will have at its disposal other products and services such as credit policies, commercial discount lines, guarantees or corfirming according to its needs.

In the same way, associated businessmen will be able to enjoy the advantages of ABANCA’s Zero Commissions Program, which allows them to stop paying for the maintenance of accounts and cards, but also for transfers, deposit of checks or other usual services.

ABANCA will also make available to these professionals electronic banking, the Online Broker or ABANCA Pay. Also, the ‘Appúntame’ service, to simply manage any type of fees, direct debits or subscriptions, both for them and their clients.