The Xunta de Galicia launches a new plan for the safe de-escalation of the hospitality sector.

The Xunta de Galicia launches a new plan for the hospitality sector from 00:00 on February 26. SAFE HOSPITALITY PLAN. This new roadmap is based on three fundamental pillars: SECURITY, TRACKING and CONTROL.

In this way, the hospitality establishments of the Galician community must meet the following requirements.


Easy to read inside and on the terrace, preferably at the front door, where they state:

  • maximum capacity allowed under normal conditions,
  • maximum percentage of indoor / outdoor use established by the health authorities,
  • maximum capacity allowed at any time by the health authorities.

The poster templates made available on this website should be used, although they are not yet available.


Calculation of the interior capacity of the establishment . Interior surface (m²) except toilets, bar and interior area of the bar, between 1.5. Data obtained from the municipal license.

Calculation of the exterior capacity of the establishment. Surface of the terrace established in the corresponding municipal license or title.

These calculations will be applied to the maximum percentage of use that is established at any time by the health authority.


The tables and chairs assembled must correspond to the capacity allowed in normal conditions, they will be rendered useless by means of bands or adhesives,
tables and chairs must respect the minimum separation distances provided by the health authority at all times.


  • The owner of the establishment must obtain a QR code through this 👉 website with which the establishment’s customers can register their presence in it.
  • This obligation will take effect from 00:00 on March 12, 2021.

Obtaining the QR code is still pending update on the website of the Xunta de Galicia.


  • Control and inspection actions by the Administration.
  • With the collaboration of the security forces and bodies, it will be controlled that the hospitality businesses inform and respect the capacity limit, comply with the opening and closing hours, as well as other prevention measures, such as maintaining the minimum safety distance or the mandatory use of the mask.