Subsidies for the promotion of entrepreneurship in the social economy

Call for new aid for entrepreneurship in the social economy, Aprol-Social Economy program.

Call for new subsidies to promote entrepreneurship in the social economy (Aprol-Social Economy program).


Promotion of employment in cooperatives and labor societies (code of procedure TR802G)

Objective: to establish incentives to promote the incorporation of working or working members in cooperatives or labor companies, indefinitely or on trial.
For each person who joins indefinitely and full-time, the subsidy will amount to 6,000.00 euros in general.
The maximum amount that may be granted to an entity will be 67,500.00 euros.
Promotion of access to the status of partner person (procedure code TR802J)

Objective: access to the status of working or work members, cooperatives or labor companies, as well as the promotion of access of self-employed entrepreneurs to the status of cooperative members. This access is facilitated by financing the economic contributions to the capital stock that must be disbursed for incorporation as a partner.
The amount of the subsidy will depend on the circumstances of the beneficiary person or persons.
Submission of applications through the Electronic Office of the Xunta de Galicia, access from this 👉 link.

📌 Application submission deadline open from February 9 to September 30, 2021.