Anti-COVID obligations for Galician restaurants

Extension of opening hours and mandatory use of CO2 meters in restaurants.

On Wednesday, April 14, the new restrictions that will affect our autonomous community, as of Friday, April 16.

It is part of this new modification, the Safe hospitality plan , launched by the Xunta de Galicia last February, in the following terms of the field of restoration:


  • Tables and chairs must be distributed evenly, respecting the established capacity.
  • In the case of unused dining rooms, these will not count in the calculation of allowed capacity.


  • Extended until 11:00 p.m. exclusively for dinner service.
  • Only for establishments with municipal restaurant ownership.


  • Reservations by appointment.
  • Registration of customers of the dinner service with name and surname, ID and telephone number.
  • Custody for at least one month all the data collected from customers.

CONDITIONS OF THE CO2 MEASURING DEVICES (mandatory from 00.00 hours on April 23).

  • Do not exceed 800 p.p.m. indoors. CO2 concentration.
  • Ensure proper ventilation of the premises.
  • Have a screen that shows CO2 levels in real time.
  • CE marking. < / li>
  • They should not be located near windows, doors or other ventilation points.
  • They should ensure the level of CO2 and maintenance of mechanical ventilation systems, if available.