New aid for renewable energy projects

Aid to support projects for energy saving purposes and the promotion of renewable energies.

The Xunta de Galicia publishes in the DOG a new call for economic aid to support projects with the purpose of saving energy and promoting the rational use of renewable energies, through the installation of equipment that uses biomass as fuel and other facilities that use as an energy source geothermal, aerothermal and solar thermal.

Beneficiaries. Local entities, non-profit entities, companies and freelancers.

Eligible concepts.

  • Main power generation equipment.
  • Installation accessories.
  • Cost of the fuel storage system.
  • Assembly and connection.
  • Geothermal resource capture system.
  • Thermal energy distribution network.

Amount of aid: 80% for local and non-profit entities (that do not carry out economic activity) and 50% for companies.

The maximum amount of the aid will be 250,000 euros. In aerothermal and geothermal projects, the maximum aid will be 100,000 euros and in solar thermal 15.00 euros. Maximum per beneficiary of 500,000 euros.

Place for submitting applications: through the electronic headquarters of the Xunta de Galicia, by clicking & nbsp; here , and entering the procedure code in the search engine & nbsp; IN421G.

Deadline for submitting applications: from tomorrow, Wednesday, May 26 and for one month.

More information on aid and subsidies in force, in the private area of partners.