Grants for digitization, Industry 4.0

New aid for Galician SMEs for digitization projects.

Resolution May 18, 2021. Procedure code IG300C

The DOG published on Tuesday, June 1, the new aid on digitization for Industry 4.0.

Through this new resolution, the IGAPE establishes the regulatory bases for the organization of workshops and requests for aid to the digitization of Industry 4.0 for the year 2021, as part of the EU’s response to the COVID-pandemic. 19.

The deadline for submitting applications will end on July 2, 2021 and the procedures will be carried out through the 👉 IGAPE electronic headquarters .


Meeting spaces between people to explore technological solutions and ways of collaboration.

  • BENEFICIARIES. Non-profit entities and technology centers to support innovation.
  • ELIGIBLE CONCEPTS. External collaborations, VAT when it is a cat for the entity and personnel expenses.
  • AID AMOUNT. 100% of the expenses up to a maximum of 25,000 euros.
  • EXECUTION TIME. Until September 15, 2022.

Aid to Galician SMEs

Start-up of digitization projects for the implementation of solutions for the digital support of processes.

  • MODALITIES. Projects for groupings of companies (preferred) or individual projects.
  • ELIGIBLE EXPENSE. Minimum of 12,000 euros.
  • BENEFICIARIES. Small and medium-sized companies with a work center in Galicia.
  • ELIGIBLE CONCEPTS. Tangible or intangible investments acquired in property, external collaborations of a technological nature and software subscription expenses.
  • AID AMOUNT. 50% of expenses up to a maximum of 1,800,000 euros per company.
  • EXECUTION TIME. Until November 15, 2022.

💻 Remember that from the private partner area of the Association’s website, all our associated companies have at their disposal to consult and download all the information related to grants that have an open submission period.