Knowing the Polígono San Cibrao has a prize for the youngest

The Eduemprende Atrévete 2020/21 project, where young people from Ourense get to know our business fabric, comes to an end.

Primary and secondary school students from CEIP Vicente Risco, CEIP Saco e Arce, CPR Plurilingüe Santo Ángel and IES As Lagoas got to know the San Cibrao industrial estate and its companies first-hand in recent months.

This year and, due to the pandemic, in a different and educational way also for everyone, by videoconference.

The program, framed within the EduEmprende Plan promoted by the Xunta de Galicia, is designed to disseminate business culture and foster the entrepreneurial spirit as a driver of innovation, competitiveness and economic growth. The students learned about various aspects of business associations and the importance of job creation.

Once the period of visits and virtual encounters is over, they have developed their own projects, where they set off their imagination and their ambition to create their own work centers in Polígono San Cibrao.

Finally, on the morning of Thursday, June 17, the students with the most innovative and entrepreneurial business proposals received an award during the telematic closing ceremony of the Eduemprende 2020/21 program.

Eduemprende Dare 2020-2021 Awardees

Delia González Justo, 6th Primary CEIP Vicente Risco, receives the award for her Magic Bottle project.

Delia’s business idea is to manufacture an exclusive bottle with different types of water and temperatures, to suit the consumer.

Xoana Álvarez Fernández 6th Primary CEIP Saco e Arce, receives the award for her project Masks parasols.

Xoana has created a project consisting of the manufacture of parasols after recycling masks.

Sergio Pérez Merino 2nd ESO CPR Plurilingual Santo Ángel, receives the award for his Cueiros intelixentes Coscos project.

Sergio’s proposal consists of the manufacture of diapers that detect through a smart bracelet whether they are clean or dirty.

Pablo Murias Fernández 1st ESO IES As Lagoas, receives the award for his Climbing sport center Ourense project.

Pablo’s company would be dedicated to climbing and different types of sports in Polígono San Cibrao.

Congratulations to all the winners, especially Delia, Xoana, Sergio and Pablo from our educational centers in Ourense 👏👏👏