The Association appreciates the support of the Xunta to the freight station

The Polígono San Cibrao Entrepreneurs Association appreciates the support of the Xunta to the freight station, with European funds as the opportunity for its financing.

  • The Regional Minister of Infrastructure, Ethel Vázquez, this week visited the land on which the construction of the terminal is planned and verified its suitability first-hand.
  • The president of the Association of Entrepreneurs, José Antonio Rodríguez Araujo, thanked her for her support for this strategic project that would favor the growth of the industrial area.

The Regional Minister of Infrastructure, Ethel Vázquez, this week visited the land reserved in the City of Transport for the Railway Freight Station, which is attracting a broad consensus among all administrations, although it will be the central Government, through ADIF, who have the last word.

During the visit, the councilor made explicit the support of the Xunta de Galicia for an infrastructure that the businessmen of the Polygon consider strategic.

Both the businessmen of the Polígono San Cibrao and the council itself agreed on the opportunity that the Next Generation funds represent for their financing, since the promotion of rail transport is one of the priorities of the European recovery plans.

Not surprisingly, they will prioritize investment in environmentally friendly technologies, creating greener public transport.

After a meeting at the Entrepreneurs Association, the Regional Minister for Infrastructure visited the land where the project is planned to be carried out, accompanied by the mayor of San Cibrao, Pedro Fernández; the delegate of the Xunta in Ourense, Gabriel Alén, and the president of the businessmen, José Rodríguez Araujo.

Preliminary draft

These are plots adjacent to the Cidade do Transporte, of 103,560 m2, to which 26,319 m2 more would be added with this proposal. It involves connecting two through tracks and two dead tracks on both sides of an unloading platform and connected in turn to the track that connects the Taboadela station and the Coren terminal.

Its location in this area would allow the release of just over 140,000 square meters at the Empalme Station in the city, specifically in the area facing Río Arnoia street, used as a cargo terminal. This initiative has already received support from the Congress, Parliament and the City Council of Ourense through different agreements. Previously, the Provincial Council and the San Cibrao City Council had made it explicit.

It should be remembered that currently 90% of the goods in Ourense move in the business belt that forms the San Cibrao, Barreiros, Seixalbo and Pereiro de Aguiar polygon. In addition, the transfer of goods from road to rail is a priority objective of governments and of the EU itself due to energy and economic savings, less pollution, reduction of accidents or less occupation of the territory, among other reasons. The companies located in these industrial estates move more than 3 million tons of goods per year by road, equivalent to about 120,000 trucks. For this reason, European funds are the ideal opportunity for this long-awaited project to go ahead, as the councilor pointed out.

The cost estimate for this new terminal is 20.5 million euros.