Conference on the new IGAPE guarantees

New information day through Zoom, where the new lines of IGAPE guarantees will be announced.


The Association, in collaboration with the reciprocal guarantee entity, Sogarpo, is organizing a new information day on IGAPE guarantees.

On Tuesday, June 29, the DOG published the resolution through which credit support to small and medium-sized companies is regulated, through an agreement between the IGAPE, the reciprocal guarantee companies and member credit institutions.

The deadline for submitting applications began on June 30, expiring on September 30, 2021.

To publicize all the details, the Commercial Director of Sogarpo, Fernando Carbonell, will intervene on Thursday, July 8 at 12 noon through the Zoom application.

The purpose will be to make known, to all attendees of the day, the new guarantees that will facilitate access to financing for SMEs and self-employed in Galicia for productive investments, commercial traffic, granting guarantees against third parties and alleviating the difficulties arising from COVID-19.


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