End of quarantines and isolations in mild cases

Starting March 28, quarantines will be limited to vulnerable areas and serious cases.

The Public Health Commission updates the Surveillance and Control Strategy against COVID-19.

This modification will bring changes in the surveillance of the disease and isolation, starting today, Monday, March 28:

  • PERFORMANCE OF DIAGNOSTIC TESTS, will focus solely on people with vulnerability factors (over 60 years of age, immunosuppressed and pregnant) and in vulnerable, health and socio-health areas and cases considered serious.
  • QUARENTINE, mild and asymptomatic confirmed cases will not go into isolation and close contacts will not go into quarantine. The use of mask will be recommended in all areas and avoid contact with vulnerable people.

ℹ️ Information sent by the Ministry of Health.

ℹ️ Full document Surveillance and control strategy against COVID-19 after the acute phase of the pandemic.