Experts of the Civil Guard instructed the companies of the polygon on cybersecurity

During the conference, the risks of crimes such as fraud or identity theft were discussed.

The headquarters of the Business Association was the setting for a technical seminar in which issues such as the risks of social networks or online corporate identity were discussed.

Cybersecurity is a term that Ourense companies should begin to familiarize themselves with and that is becoming more and more relevant due to the attacks on computer systems that are increasing with each passing day.

Aware of this, the Business Association of the San Cibrao Industrial Estate organized a technical seminar in which companies were instructed on the risk of crimes such as fraud or identity theft, among other topics of interest.

This was explained by the president of the business entity, José Antonio Rodríguez Araújo:

“Due to this intolerable and shameful war on European soil, the risk of cyber attacks is increasing, not only in Ukraine, but also in countries that express support for them.”

In addition to Rodríguez Araújo, the captain of the Ourense Civil Guard Command, José Luis Casas Riveiro, was also present at the presentation of the conference, held in the assembly hall of the Business Association.

Efrén Varón Gil and Roberto Valente López, members of Equipo@Ourense and Equipo@Santamaría of the Ourense Command, gave real examples of crimes suffered by companies.

Efrén Varon Gil and Roberto Valente López, both members of the Ourense Civil Guard Command, were the experts in charge of instructing the attendees on the risk of this type of crime.

They raised awareness of the importance of cybersecurity and ensured that the more notions companies have on this subject, the less they will report, since they will detect problems much earlier.

With real examples of scams reported by companies in Ourense in recent times, the speakers tried to familiarize those present with topics such as the safe use of email, safe browsing practices, password management or the risk of social networks , among other matters of interest.

They also identified different types of viruses and malware and answered the questions of the professionals who participated in the initiative.

The captain of the Civil Guard Command in Ourense, José Luis Casas Rivero, thanked the Business Association for organizing this conference and expressed his intention to continue holding them in the province due to their importance in promoting the culture of security in the company.