Statement from Business Association of the San Cibrao Industrial Estate

-We demand urgent measures from the Government to lower prices and from the organizers of the strike to negotiate and agree to its end.

-We warn of the imminent danger of the closure of some companies, temporarily for now, and that some production chains may lead to shortages of essential products due to a strike that is now in its fourth day.

-Aware that the situation puts many companies on the ropes, we urge the Government to take urgent measures to lower the price of fuel and avoid economic collapse (direct aid or tax reduction) and the organizers to sit down to negotiate to end an escalation of business damage and loss that will lead to closures and layoffs if left unchecked, seriously worsening the battered business economy.

-In parallel, and even understanding and sharing the discomfort of the transport sector, whose problems due to price increases are not different from those suffered by industries, agriculture and service companies, we consider it intolerable, and therefore, we condemn the performance of information pickets. Not because of what is demanded, but because of the serious economic damage that their actions cause to the companies themselves and to the business sector in general.

-The incidents occur worryingly in the Polígono, besieged by pickets that do not allow the entry or exit of goods and whose action can generate a serious security problem in the food and industrial supply and the shortage of essential products.

-We ask, therefore, respect for those who freely decide to continue providing their activity, a right that must also be guaranteed by all means.