End to the mandatory use of masks indoors

From April 20, the use of masks in closed spaces is no longer mandatory, with exceptions.

The mandatory use of masks in all closed spaces disappears except in certain cases.

In this way, its use is no longer mandatory, neither in outdoor spaces, a rule in force since February 9, nor in closed spaces.

The measure enters into force on April 20, 2022, after the publication in the BOE of Royal Decree 286/2022.

There are some exceptions in which it will still be necessary to wear the mask, and they are the following:

  • Health centers, services and establishments, by workers, visitors and patients, with the exception of people admitted when they stay in their room.
  • Social health centers, workers and visitors when they are in shared areas.
  • Means of air, rail or cable transport and buses, as well as public passenger transport. In the closed spaces of ships and boats where it is not possible to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters. Except in the cabins when they are shared by groups of cohabitants.

Exceptions in the use of masks in the workplace

In the work environment, in general, the use of masks will not be mandatory.

However, those responsible for occupational risk prevention, in accordance with the corresponding risk assessment of the job, may determine the appropriate preventive measures that must be implemented in the workplace or in certain areas of the work centers, including the possible use of masks, if this is derived from the aforementioned evaluation.

Recommendations for the use of masks

The recommendation for the use of the mask remains in:

  • Closed spaces for public use in which people transit or stay for a long time.
  • Mass events.
  • Family environment and private meetings or celebrations, depending on the vulnerability of the participants.