Conference on the importance and analytics of data

In the session held at the facilities of the Polígono San Cibrao Business Association, the value of obtaining and analyzing data to develop effective strategies in SME was discussed

The Polígono San Cibrao Business Association hosted a conference on data in the business environment in which experts on the subject explained how to collect it, study it and how it affects business decision-making.

As explained by the president of the Association, José Antonio Rodríguez Araujo:

“The collection and analysis of reliable data becomes more important every day. Decisions in our field of work must be based, more than ever, on the collection and verification of data that allow us to develop effective strategies”

To explain and detail the tools that facilitate this task, as well as the public aid available to tackle data analytics projects, the conference was attended by David Martínez Alonso, Strategic Director of DMA Advisory, and Laureano Pérez Soto, CEO of Datasight Consulting.

One of the main conclusions of the meeting was that the analysis of all the data generated by the daily work of a company allows anticipating all kinds of situations, knowing customers better and implementing measures according to changes in the market or in habits of consumption.