The Polígono San Cibrao increases its commitment to safety

The Polígono San Cibrao increases its commitment to security with ten new surveillance cameras and an innovative license plate recognition system.

The business area will have a total of 79 devices, adding ten to the existing ones and covering a larger area

Artificial intelligence makes its way into the San Cibrao industrial estate, where the security of companies will be reinforced with an innovative remote surveillance system.

The headquarters of the Business Association this morning was the setting in which a new action aimed at improving the competitiveness of companies was announced.

At the presentation ceremony, the president of the business entity, José Antonio Rodríguez Araújo, was accompanied by the territorial delegate of the Xunta de Galicia in Ourense, Gabriel Alén; the mayor of San Cibrao, Manuel Pedro Fernández, and the deputy in the Parliament of Galicia Marta Nóvoa.

With this new security action, the Polígono de San Cibrao will have 79 cameras, adding another ten to the existing ones.

In this way, a larger area of the business area will be covered and a service that companies greatly value and that has not stopped being modernized with new coverage will be improved.

Thus, it is worth noting the incorporation of two cameras for license plate recognition at the main entrances to the estate, connected to a specific server in the control center. The installation will take place on streets 1, 11, 12, 13, 15 and 16.

The ten new cameras will be added to the six already installed last year in the City of Transport, adding an investment in these two years of almost 100,000 euros.

Throughout 2021, 260 security interventions were carried out on the premises and more than twenty requests for downloading images were attended

Its usefulness is demonstrated with figures. And it is that in 2021 alone, 22 requests for image downloads were received by government authorities to clarify crimes and incidents. In addition, 260 interventions were carried out.

The president of the San Cibrao Business Association, José Antonio Rodríguez Araújo, praised this new action in favor of company safety:

“This service gives us a highly relevant competitive advantage in relation to other business parks with which we inevitably compete and will compete in attracting companies, especially when the expansion of the Industrial Estate in which we are working materializes, also together with the City Council and the Xunta”.

The action, which will improve the competitiveness of the industrial estate, was financed by the Concello de San Cibrao and the Xunta de Galicia

He also thanked the involvement of the Concello de San Cibrao and the Xunta de Galicia, “because without it we would not be here today announcing this, nor would we have the security system we have.”

For his part, the territorial delegate of the Xunta de Galicia in Ourense, Gabriel Alén, highlighted the improvement that this action will entail for a industrial state “which is already attractive in itself”, and highlighted “the sum of two efforts of public and private initiative to increase the competitiveness of companies”.