Galicia, at maximum alert level due to the heat wave

The alert will last throughout the territory at least until Friday.

From the Ministry of Health and the Integrated Emergency Attention Center (CIAE) they launch the following recommendations to minimize risks as much as possible:


  • Drink more liquid than usual without waiting to feel thirsty, especially water and slightly cold fruit juices.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables avoiding copious meals.
  • Wear light, loose-fitting, light-colored clothing made of natural fabrics. Fresh and breathable footwear.
  • During the day, lower the blinds and close the windows, opening them at night to cool down.
  • Avoid carrying out activities in the hottest hours, reducing physical activity.
  • Neither children nor the elderly should be left inside the vehicles. Neither does any pet.
  • Use of sunscreen creams, using the highest possible protection.
  • Protect the eyes with sunglasses and cover the head with hats.

Likewise, extreme caution must be exercised with people at risk, children under five years of age, elderly people or people with chronic diseases.

Monitor relatives or neighbors who live alone to check that their health status is normal.

You can access the link to the recommendations of the Xunta de Galicia here and follow the updates on the CIAE 112 website.