Master Class on Lean cultural transformation

The Lean Culture gains strength among the companies of the San Cibrao Industrial Estate with a Master Class that presented real success stories

Lean culture becomes strength among the companies of the San Cibrao Industrial Estate.

The philosophy is based on maximizing the added value that is offered to the client, saving resources and always under the umbrella of continuous improvement, and this morning it was announced in a Master Class that the Business Association had as its stage.

Experts from ARN Consulting, which began its journey at the beginning of 2021 as the spin-off of the defunct Renault-Nissan Consulting, were in charge of giving the session.

Laura Izquierdo, Manuel Vázquez, Ricardo García and César Palencia instructed the attendees on the importance of Lean Culture, presenting real cases of transformations adopted and developed in companies from different sectors.

As Vázquez explained, the Lean Culture is applicable to any type of organization, not only in the automotive sector, “and its application is of great importance considering the industrial fabric of Ourense”.

The improvement of competitiveness as a goal

Throughout the morning, the need for a double speed in this type of transformation was also stressed:

  • Short-term improvement projects (channeled through project improvement methodologies: DMAIC, for example).
  • Cultural Transformation (integrated improvement in all areas: Strategic Deployment, People, Processes and routines and Technology).

The president of the San Cibrao Industrial Estate Business Association, José Antonio Rodríguez Araujo, presented the conference entitled Lean Cultural Transformation in Practice.

He said that offering training to companies to improve their competitiveness “is one of the main objectives of the entity that I represent, even more at a time when the economic context continues to test our companies”.

He also encouraged attendees to take advantage of this type of initiative that seeks to improve competitiveness and encouraged them to “continue to look optimistically towards the future”.

With this Master Class, ARN Consulting and the Business Association of the San Cibrao Industrial Estate initiate a path of collaboration to improve the competitiveness of the companies around Ourense and all of Galicia.