Presentation V Edition ViaExterior Program

The companies of the San Cibrao industrial estate set their sights on internationalization with the advice of ViaExterior, an initiative of the Vigo Free Trade Zone

The presentation of the fifth edition of ViaExterior at the headquarters of the San Cibrao Business Association served for many companies to set their sights on new markets.

The Vigo Free Trade Zone Consortium initiative will offer advice and training to promote its internationalization process.

Of the total number of applications submitted, 20 Galician companies will be selected to be targeted by the program for a period of seven months.

It will have three phases related to: strategy, acceleration and financing.

The deadline for the registration of candidacies ends on September 30.

New market horizons

The president of the San Cibrao Business Association, José Antonio Rodríguez Araújo, assured that initiatives such as ViaExterior are the ones that should be offered to entrepreneurs to open new market horizons:

“The initiative of the Vigo Free Trade Zone Consortium is to accelerate and increase the success of the internationalization of Galician companies, an added value for companies in these turbulent times that we are once again living through. ViaExterior is an example of the path we must follow to support entrepreneurs, providing them with advice and training to continue growing”.

Rodríguez Araújo also recalled that the study “The polygon in figures”, carried out in collaboration with the University of Vigo and the Provincial Council of Ourense, yields significant data regarding the internationalization of companies.

Thus, 3 out of 4 companies in the San Cibrao industrial estate that sell their products in international markets were able to maintain or increase their volume of exports despite covid-19.

The expert Antonio de la Cruz explained in detail the objectives of the initiative and encouraged companies to participate in order to obtain valuable training and advice for internationalization.

He recalled that many companies have already benefited from previous editions.

Not surprisingly, more than a hundred companies have already participated and 90% have managed to enter at least one new market.