Changes in the management of sick leave from April 1

Changes in the management and control of temporary disability processes in the first 365 days of their duration.

On January 5, 2023, the Official State Gazette published on its pages Royal Decree 1060/2022, of December 27, which modifies Royal Decree 625/2014, of July 18, which regulates certain aspects of the management and control of processes for temporary disability in the first three hundred and sixty-five days of their duration.

Below are the most relevant aspects to take into account from its entry into force, on April 1, 2023.

Sistema RED

The delivery to the worker of the copy of the medical part destined for the company is suppressed. The company will receive the report electronically directly from the RED System. This change is intended to simplify the process of managing sick leave and reduce the administrative burden for both workers and companies. It is important to note that this change will not affect the duration or payment of sick leave, which will continue to be regulated by current labor legislation.

Once the company receives notification of the deregistration, it must inform the economic data (contribution bases, CCC,…) through the RED system, ceasing to be obligatory to inform in confirmation and registration.

Once the notification of the discharge part is received, the economic data (contribution bases, CCC, …) must be reported through the RED system, ceasing to have the obligation to inform this in the confirmation and registration parts. This communication of data is already being carried out in the current system, the only thing that changes is that it is no longer mandatory to inform in confirmation and registration parts, the obligation simply remaining in force in the cancellation parts, in the first part of temporary disability .

Two new fields to be reported are introduced: job position and job description of the worker, which implies the development of a new version of the FDI/FRI protocol that will soon be published for information and technical adaptation in the Red Bulletin.

In relation to medical declarations of sick leave and confirmation of sick leave in temporary disability processes, it is determined that the physician may set the corresponding medical check-up in a period shorter than that indicated in each case.