The San Cibrao industrial estate will increase investment in its pioneering security system

Security in the San Cibrao Industrial Estate as an attraction for business and economic development.

reunión de los miembros de la junta directiva de la asociación de empresarios

The Polígono San Cibra Association of Entrepreneurs is a benchmark in security and more and more companies take this added value into account to carry out their activity in these facilities.

That is why, at the meeting of the Board of Directors held yesterday at the entity’s headquarters, it was decided to increase investment in this pioneering surveillance system, consolidating the estate as a safe and attractive place for business and economic development.

This measure is important to strengthen security in the industrial estate, which, together with the close collaboration with the State Security Forces and Corps, translates into greater peace of mind for workers and businessmen in the area.

Security system

Proof of this is that this system was key to dismantling the criminal gang that was engaged in armed robbery of money and jewelry and operated throughout the province.

In this business area, the gang gave one of its coups, where the implemented security was essential, which allowed the modus operandi to be known.

The commitment of the Association through the installation of this service has provided great help to the Civil Guard, which dealt with the investigation and subsequent arrest of the band.

On May 4, an employee of a beverage distribution company was robbed in the San Cibrao industrial estate. The worker was approached by two individuals who were riding a large displacement motorcycle.

The woman, who was going to the bank with a considerable sum of money, was robbed by a man armed with a gun.

The investigation that the Civil Guard carried out in the following days was based on the information provided, which turned out to be crucial, allowing the gang to be dismantled.

Damage to vehicles, accidents or theft

The help provided to the Security Forces and Corps, in this and other cases, demonstrates the importance of the San Cibrao industrial estate having a security service from which information was required for various incidents such as vehicle damage, accidents or thefts.

In addition, this security team has intervened in a total of 77 incidents and 9 cases so far this year.