The Polígono San Cibrao Business Association celebrates its 44th General Assembly

The Business Association celebrates its 44th General Assembly supported by the companies of the San Cibrao Industrial Estate.

Asamblea General Ordinaria 2024

The Polígono San Cibrao Business Association held its General Assembly last evening on Friday, November 24, in addition to another extraordinary one to give way to secure truck parking, which will be financed between the Xunta and the Deputation of Ourense.

The businessmen, for their part, will acquire the 11,000 square meter plot of the Transport City that will house this new service infrastructure for companies in the industrial area.

The parking lot will have 59 spaces, all types of complementary services (bathing areas, showers, rest, access control…), perimeter closure, security cameras and quality certification. The rate will be reduced, 1.50 euros per hour and 12 euros per day.

They were “two good assemblies”, in the words of the president of the Association, in which the associates listened to the balance of this year, the status of some of the projects they are working on and also those they are planning to continue building the Polygon of the future.

“This Polygon has never stopped growing in its entire history, which is approaching 60 years, nor will it stop doing so,” he stated.

The closing was carried out by the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alfonso Rueda; who joined the associates at the conclusion of the assembly together with the Minister of Employment Promotion and Equality, Elena Rivo; the president of the Deputation, Luis Menor; the mayor of San Cibrao das Viñas, Marta Nóvoa; the mayors of Paderne and Taboadela, Manuel Pérez and Álvaro Vila; the deputy mayor of Ourense, Armando Ojea; the president of the CEO, Marisol Nóvoa, representatives of business associations, professional associations, Civil Guard commanders or various entities.

San Cibrao Industrial Estate Expansion

The need to grow to satisfy the growing demand for industrial land in the Polígono was another of the issues addressed by José Antonio Rodríguez Araujo in his report, which he later reminded the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alfonso Rueda, at the closing. Thus, although he first thanked him for the impulse given by the Xunta to this expansion, he also urged agility in its processing so that it can become a reality as soon as possible. “Any delay limits our growth possibilities while increasing the chances of new companies passing us by because we cannot offer them the land they need here, in some cases urgently,” he explained.

Municipal Treatment Plant

He also referred in his report to another key infrastructure for the industrial area, the San Cibrao treatment plant, pending an expansion that, according to the latest deadline given by the Hydrographic Confederation to Rodríguez Araujo himself, could be put out to tender in March or April of next year. . “Further delays are no longer tolerable,” he warned.

Goods Station at the San Cibrao Industrial Estate

In relation to the Railway Freight Station, a project on which the Central Government has distanced itself despite the support received, the head of the businessmen said not to throw in the towel, far from it. “The inclusion of the Station in the Atlantic Corridor, by the Xunta de Galicia, motivates us to continue fighting for this strategic project and to try to convince the central Government that our vision, and not theirs, is the correct one.”

Political situation

The assembly also reflected on the political situation in the country following the 23-J elections, the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez and the formation of the new government, vindicating the Constitution and consensus.

“The concern is enormous – explained the president of the businessmen – and the conclusion is that we need more than ever respect for the fundamental pillars of our society, responsibility and moderation. Under the Constitution we have had the best stage in the history of Spain, the one of greatest coexistence and most prosperity. We cannot allow polarization, frontism and bloc politics to call all this into question.” That is why he called for “recovering broad consensus to guarantee stability and prosperity for the entire country, without exceptions, grievances or inequalities. Neither between people nor between territories.”

To close this chapter, he stressed that “the company needs trust, stability and legal security, in addition to a predictable regulatory framework,” which is why he asked all political forces “to let common sense prevail and the general interest prevail.”

Safety, a strong point

The assembly reaffirmed its commitment to security as one of the hallmarks of the Polygon, with a surveillance service that already has a hundred cameras and has carried out 170 interventions so far this year.

A commitment to work conciliation

Promoting work-life balance is another priority for the Association. In fact, the Polygon has a nursery school that will be expanded due to existing demand. Currently there are 59 boys and girls divided into four classrooms, but one more will be opened, according to Rodríguez Araujo.

Collaborative networks

Institutional relations and with other entities and organizations have intensified in 2023, with the establishment of “collaborative networks with different areas, institutions and organizations, exchanging experiences and knowledge that mutually enrich us. In total, we have counted more than 60 meetings with companies, entities and various personalities,” explained the president.

After the closing of the assembly, guests and associates participated in a fellowship dinner that Allariz.