Experts from the Civil Guard shared strategies to prevent cyber attacks and traffic accidents

Experts from the Civil Guard shared strategies to prevent cyberattacks and traffic accidents, combining theoretical and practical knowledge for business security.

Experts from the Civil Guard shared strategies to prevent cyberattacks and traffic accidents in a presentation held at the Business Association .

Workplace traffic accidents, identity theft and online scams are of great concern to the association.

Strategies to Prevent Cyber ​​Attacks

Efrén Varón, from Equipo@Ourense, and Alfonso Limia, from the Technological Research Team (EDITE), combined theoretical knowledge with practical examples and real cases.

The experts shared with business owners notions about the safe use of email, virus identification and password management.

Reduction of Workplace Traffic Accidents

Given that traffic accidents have a significant impact on workplace accidents, preventive measures and recommendations to reduce the risks of traffic accidents at work were also discussed during the day.

Juan Carlos Nogueiras, Traffic Lieutenant of the Ourense Civil Guard, was in charge of detailing the company’s safe mobility plan. The expert shared notions to improve road safety management in the business environment.

This seeks to reduce both the risks related to traveling “in itinere” and those that occur during the working day in the performance of the workers’ duties.

Importance of Business Participation

The president of the Polígono San Cibrao Business Association highlighted this presentation and this type of initiatives that aim to educate business owners in prevention.

“It is crucial that business owners get involved in this type of event, since only by working together can we create a safer and more efficient environment.” José Antonio Rodríguez Araujo highlighted the importance of seeking the active participation of all those involved.

Within the scope of their powers, from business owners and senior management executives, to those responsible for risk prevention in companies and representatives of the workers themselves.

Thanks to the Civil Guard Experts

The latter was the objective of this training day, which is why he also wanted to thank the Civil Guard experts “for their willingness to share their knowledge in this presentation, which will help us improve the security of our companies.”