Conference on Cybersecurity and Business Road Safety

Join the conference on cybersecurity and road safety at the Polígono San Cibrao on June 25. Experts from the Civil Guard will share strategies and best practices to protect information and systems, and reduce the risks of traffic accidents at work.

Next Tuesday, June 25 at 12:00 p.m. , the facilities of the Business Association of Polígono San Cibrao will be the scene of a highly relevant information day, organized in collaboration with experts from the Ourense Civil Guard in business security.

This event, which will last between one and a half and two hours, is designed to provide strategies and best practices in two crucial areas: cybersecurity and road safety in the work environment.

Protection Against Cyber ​​Threats

One of the main focuses of the day will be cybersecurity. Experts from the Civil Guard will share their knowledge and experience in protecting information and systems against cyber threats. This session will address everything from basic preventive measures to advanced strategies to detect and mitigate attacks, thus guaranteeing the digital security of the companies in the area.

Road Safety and Business Mobility

At the same time, preventive measures and recommendations will be discussed to reduce the risks of traffic accidents at work. This section will include a detailed explanation of the company’s safe mobility plan, providing attendees with practical tools to implement and improve road safety inside and outside company facilities.

Guest Experts in business security

The event will feature the participation of prominent members of the Ourense Civil Guard:

  • Juan Carlos Nogueira , Traffic Lieutenant, who will offer a detailed vision on the prevention of traffic accidents at work and safe mobility measures.
  • Efrén Varón , member of Team@Ourense, specialized in cybersecurity, who will share strategies and best practices to protect business information systems.
  • Alfonso Limia , member of the Technology Research Team (EDITE), who will present real cases and practical examples of cybersecurity applied to the business environment.

Registration and Participation

This event is open to all businessmen and workers interested in improving security in their companies.

Attendees will gain a complete and practical perspective to improve security in both areas, combining theoretical knowledge with practical examples and real cases.

To participate in this important day, it is necessary to register in advance. You can sign up by clicking here .

The San Cibrao Industrial Estate Business Association invites all companies, workers and experts in occupational risk prevention to take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from experts in cybersecurity and road safety, and thus strengthen the protection of their companies and employees.