The Board of Directors values ​​very positively the unanimous support of the Provincial Council for the Goods Station

The railway freight station once again receives support from the Administrations.

The location of a Freight Station in the San Cibrao Industrial Estate is one of the main demands of the businessmen in this business area.

The initiative is already on the table of all Administrations, which have supported it at both the local, provincial, regional and national levels.

unanimous support

The project has received the support of the surrounding town councils, such as Ourense and San Cibrao, the Deputation of Ourense, the Parliament of Galicia, the Xunta de Galicia itself and the Congress of Deputies, in addition to the Confederation of Businessmen of Galicia.

Last Friday, the Goods Station received a new boost in the plenary session of the Ourense Provincial Council, in which all political groups expressed the need to carry out its construction and unanimously supported the Popular Party motion, defended by the mayor of San Cibrao and vice president of the provincial entity, Marta Nóvoa.

In the plenary session, some figures were recalled that reaffirm the suitability of this proposal.

And the fact is that 90% of Ourense’s goods move in the business belt of this industrial estate, Barreiros, Seixalbo and Pereiro de Aguiar and its construction would free up 140,000 square meters of land in the heart of the A Ponte neighborhood, well in reality It is about moving what is today the goods station located at the Ourense Station to the Polígono Transport City.

The Ourense industrial estates are currently moving 3 million tons per year, 120,000 trucks.

Now, as the next step, the businessmen of the Polígono will personally explain their project to the Government Commissioner for the Atlantic Corridor, José Antonio Sebastián Ruiz, during a visit he will make to the industrial area after being invited by the mayor, Marta Nóvoa, after both of them coincide. in Ourense on the occasion of the entry into operation of the Avril trains.

The meeting does not yet have a date, but the president of the entity, José Antonio Rodríguez Araujo, hopes that it will serve to convince the commissioner of the strategic opportunity for the Polígono, the city of Ourense, the province and Galicia to move the current goods station to San Cibrao, taking advantage of the existing roads.