The Association updates the Polígono Risk Map that includes almost 600 companies

Firefighters visit companies to detect possible risk scenarios and thus update the risk map

Bomberos visita a Cuevas para actualizar el mapa de riesgos

Detect possible fire and explosion risk scenarios. This is the objective of the visits that firefighters are carrying out to companies to update the Risk Map of the Business Association , which includes almost 600 companies in the Barreiros, Pereiro de Aguiar and San Cibrao industrial estates.

It is an interactive tool that allows you to identify all risk points in each company, such as dangerous substances, high voltage equipment or storage areas for flammable materials, among others.

To guarantee maximum efficiency and safety, the Risk Map, which is carried out with financing from the Provincial Council of Ourense and the Council of San Cibrao , requires an update that adapts it to the new facilities and emergency requirements of the companies. .

For this reason, the business entity has sent an email to its associates to inform them of this update, which will allow firefighters to know in advance the characteristics of each installation before having to carry out any intervention.

Firefighters carry out visits to facilities to detect possible fire and explosion scenarios and identify dangerous substances, high voltage equipment or flammable materials

Emergency service professionals have already visited different companies to collect and verify risk information, which will significantly improve the safety and efficiency of their actions.

The business entity asks its associates for collaboration to receive the firefighters and thus increase the security of the polygon.

One of the companies in the San Cibrao Industrial Park that firefighters have already visited is Cuevas. Accompanied by the Occupational Risk team, they toured the headquarters facilities, the Cuevas Cash center and the Frunatur logistics platform.

During their visit, the facilities were reviewed and the professionals were able to become familiar with the fire protection systems.

The Association insists on the importance of updating the Risk Map to guarantee that companies are prepared for any emergency and improve the security of the entire business area.

The history of this tool dates back to 2006 and 2007, when a team of technicians worked exhaustively to develop it, collecting detailed data from each company and its environment, creating a web space where it could be entered and synthesized.

National recognition for their work in occupational safety and the risk map

In recent years, the San Cibrao Industrial Park has obtained different recognitions for its work in occupational safety.

In 2020, Mutua Universal awarded it a special mention in the V Innovation and Health Awards, in the SMEs category, for the measures taken regarding workplace safety and respect for the environment.

The San Cibrao Industrial Estate was recognized in 2009 for its Informative Work in Occupational Risk Prevention by the PRL Foundation.

In 2012, Occupational Safety Training magazine mentioned it as a Outstanding Entity in Occupational Risk Prevention.