As the San Cibrao City Council is an “Entrepreneurial City Council” adhering to the & nbsp; Doing Business Galicia initiative, it makes it possible for the start-up of new economic activities you can benefit from various bonuses.

Up to 95% of the tax rate on economic activities (IAE), on real estate (IBI) and on constructions, installations and works (ICIO) for three years.

In addition, under the protection of this Doing Business initiative, the San Cibrao City Council undertakes to resolve the licenses of major works of a company that is new to establish an activity within 30 days.

Check the project details Doing Bussiness Galicia.

How to register your company?

The registration of a company in the Polígono San Cibrao will be conditioned to the completion of different procedures to obtain the approval of the San Cibrao City Council.


  • PRIOR COMMUNICATION. Disclosure to the city council of the data and documentation required for the exercise of the activity or for the start of the work / installation.
  • LICENSE TO OPEN AN ESTABLISHMENT. Request for accreditation that the establishment has the legal conditions to carry out the activity for which it is intended.
  • INSPECTION VISIT REQUEST. Informing the city council of the start-up of an establishment subject to the environmental impact assessment procedure regulated by Decree 133/2008 of June 12.

What does one procedure or another depend on? On the activity to be carried out 👉 Regulatory ordinance .

When? Prior to the start of the activity or opening of the establishment, and if applicable, before the start of the work or installation.

What activities ? All.

Documentation to present : duly completed forms, attaching the required documentation and payment of fees 👉 access the forms from here .

Environmental procedures

When you register at the San Cibrao Polígono, in the interest of conservation and protection of the environment, you cannot forget to ask the City Council for the corresponding discharge permit to the public sanitation system.

Application form for special discharge permit to the municipal network



988 381 034


Finally, join our association

Being many makes us important, but being united is what makes us decisive and effective.

From our business association we work every day to defend the interests of our associated companies and we fight for the future of the Polígono San Cibrao, trying to turn it into an economic benchmark. Creating the Polígono within another 50 years is not only our challenge, but also our responsibility and obligation as an entity.