Meeting Networking Galicia Empresa

Networking Galicia Empresa 2022 took place in the facilities of the Polígono San Cibrao Business Association

Excellence is not a state, it is a process. This was emphasized by the Minister of Economy, Industry and Innovation, Francisco Conde, at the Networking Galicia Empresa meeting held throughout this morning at the headquarters of the Polígono San Cibrao Business Association.

The conference demonstrated the importance of this type of event to generate business opportunities and during its development, professional experiences and success stories were shared.

Two leading companies in the province of Ourense, Inplasor and Formato Verde, reviewed their professional careers and this served as an example on the path to business excellence.

The administrator of the first firm, Alicia Gómez, assured that “on many occasions, small and medium-sized companies find ourselves alone, but with the help of Igape we have felt more protected, since our work is recognized.”

She also thanked the work of the Association in favor of businessmen, making the grants known and offering all the information.

For his part, one of the founding partners of Formato Verde, Marcos Jorge, assured that his company has requested aid for internationalization and that with this impulse they have been able to grow to be present in different countries.

The president of the Business Association, José Antonio Rodríguez Araujo, opened the meeting hoping that conferences like the one held this morning at the entity’s headquarters help companies achieve excellence:

“Offering this type of initiative to companies to improve their competitiveness is key in the current context, we continue to bet on training and advice”

He also insisted on the importance of informing companies about the aid they can apply for and the tools they have at their disposal to carry out their projects.

Funds earmarked for energy efficiency are key

The Minister of Economy, Francisco Conde, emphasized that the funds allocated to the energy efficiency of companies are key “to reduce the price of the bill, and to count on the stability of the medium and long term of the energy cost that is becoming more and more determinant from the point of view of competitiveness”.

He highlighted initiatives such as the first business energy community in Galicia that is being developed at the Tecnópole.

A pioneering project in which fifty companies are working to help companies develop collective energy saving and efficiency projects.

Oficina Galicia Empresa was also presented at the meeting to facilitate the implementation of business initiatives and the Mapa Axudas 2022.