COVID-19 digitization checks

Call for new grants for digitization and teleworking of companies and entities.

👉 Resolution

The Official Gazette of Galicia publishes a new edition of the digitization aids on Friday, July 9.

This new call, launched by the IGAPE, aims to subsidize adaptation projects to the crisis caused by COVID-19, through the implementation of digital technologies.



  • Small companies and freelancers (who fulfill the condition of small company) that develop their activity in any service sector.
  • Social economy entities.
  • Business and labor associations.

Amount. 80% of eligible expenditure, with a maximum limit of 9,600 euros.

Presentation of applications. Telematically through the electronic headquarters of the IGAPE.

Deadline for submitting applications. From July 10 to September 30, 2021.

Project execution period. From October 1, 2020 to November 15, 2021.

Eligible expenses

Promote adaptation to the situation created by COVID-19 through the effective implementation of digital technologies, such as:

  • Presence control (cameras, sensors, check-in / check-out systems); capacity (cameras, sensors, appointment management, queue management); health status (cameras, bracelets).
  • Control of COVID-19 quality standards.
  • Management systems and applications based on Low code automation.
  • Ephemeral daily catalogs (management of orders or orders).
  • Electronic signage (emission of content and messages to the client).
  • Mobile notification systems (electronic content for hotels, menus, letters …)
  • Beacon systems.
  • Automation of processes and tasks.
  • Adaptation of presence on the internet (autonomous conversation bots, basic commerce systems, product catalog improvement, remote attention, pick and go systems, mobile purchase and store collection, others …)
  • Connectivity solutions and incorporation into teleworking.
  • Cybersecurity improvement.

Eligible expenses.

  • The sum of the expenses, which are detailed below, will not exceed 10,000 euros: assets (computer equipment, software licenses, connectivity devices in rural areas) and software subscription.
  • The maximum eligible will be 4,000 euros in external collaborations aimed at adapting and customizing digital systems.

More information

Igape responds through the phone number ☎ 900 815 151.