Compulsory remuneration registration for companies

Compulsory for all companies, keep a salary register to comply with the new Royal Decree on equal pay between women and men.

Real Decreto 902/2020 of October 13, on equal pay between women and men, establishes that, as of April 14, companies must have a mandatory remuneration registry.

The purpose of this registry is to guarantee transparency in the configuration of perceptions, in a faithful and up-to-date manner, and adequate access to the remuneration information of the companies.

The remuneration record must include:

  • the average values ​​of wages,
  • salary supplements and extra-salary perceptions of the entire workforce, including managers and senior officials,
  • disaggregated by sex and distributed in accordance with the provisions of article 28.2 of the Workers’ Statute (professional groups, categories or jobs).
  • At the moment there is no official remuneration record format. However, we are waiting for the Ministry of Labor or Equality to publish a model on its website.

The companies that carry out remuneration audits must complete this register with particularities as it must also reflect:

  • the arithmetic means and the medians of the groupings of jobs of equal value in the company, according to the results of the job evaluation described in articles 4 and 8.1.a) even though they belong to different sections of the professional classification broken down by sex and disaggregated in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned article 5.2;
  • and must include the justification referred to in article 28.3 of the Workers’ Statute, when the arithmetic mean or the median of the total remuneration in the company of workers of one sex is higher than those of the other by, at least, twenty-five percent.

Failure to comply with this obligation will entail the commission of a serious or very serious offense in the social order.