The Integrated Employment Program of the San Cibrao Industrial Estate is close to 60% of job placement

The Integrated Employment Program of the San Cibrao Industrial Estate provided 615 hours of training and is close to 60% of job placement.

Foro de empleo

Once the eighth edition of the Integrated Employment Program of the Polígono San Cibrao Business Association has ended , it is time to take stock.

The figures are optimistic.

Of the one hundred people participating in this initiative, a total of 67 worked at some point, with 57 still active today. The objective of the business entity is thus exceeded, reaching close to 60% of labor insertion.

In addition to being a benchmark in growth, respect for the environment and safety, the Business Association is also consolidating itself as an example in training, the key tool to achieve greater competitiveness.

The figures were announced throughout this morning at the Forum that put the finishing touch to the Integrated Employment Programme.

The president of the business association, José Antonio Rodríguez Araujo, took stock of the challenges achieved with the initiative: “We have surpassed our own objective, already ambitious in itself.

For this reason, we are proud to be able to say that our expectations have been exceeded.”

He also insisted on the importance of betting on training: “With more committed, more trained companies and employees, we together obtain leadership and excellence.”

Over 12 months, 25 courses were offered in the program

The good job placement data is the result of 615 hours of training over 12 months.

25 courses were taught, both specific to welding, plumbing and administration, as well as transversal training, computer resources and socio-labor skills.

The culmination of the initiative took place with an Employment Forum

In the Forum that this morning put the finishing touch to the Integrated Employment Program, the award for Excellent Curriculum was awarded, in its capacity as a marketing tool to be delivered to companies, valuing the design and presentation of information, writing and professionalism which was awarded to Ana Belén Paz Vidal.

The award for the Greatest Participation in the Actions carried out during the development of the program, valuing not only the attendance at the activities and meetings, but also the optimal use of them, was awarded to Ramón Feijoo Ferro.

Motivation in the job search

Motivation in the job search plays as important a role as the knowledge acquired and that is why this morning’s Employment Forum included interventions by human resources experts from different organizations and a session on job search skills. currently.