The polygon intensifies security with daily daytime rounds and more hours at night after the State of Alarm

Board of directors meeting at the Polígono San Cibrao Business Association.

The Board of Directors of the Association recommends that companies take extreme precautions to avoid criminal acts, while help was requested from the Xunta for the installation of more cameras.

During his last meeting, the president announced the start of the contract for the new operators who will be in charge of maintaining the industrial zone until November.

The employers’ directive highlights the support of the Congress, Parliament, Provincial Council and city councils for the freight station.

Greater security

The Polígono de San Cibrao intensified its security measures with the end of the State of Alarm and the gradual return to normality, also in terms of criminal activity. For this, the Polígono San Cibrao Businessmen Association has decided to increase the hours of night surveillance and, in addition, to establish daytime rounds every day of the week. Until now, these shifts were only carried out during the day on holidays and weekends, now extending to working days.

During his last board of directors, held on Wednesday, he reported on this matter, detailing the number of interventions carried out by the surveillance service so far this year, which amounted to 123, the majority due to carelessness in the facilities or false alarms. Even so, from the association they have sent a statement to the partners warning of the need to take extreme precautions. & Nbsp;

Currently, the private security service has guards and vehicles that patrol the polygon and a remote surveillance system that records images 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, in the session it was reported that the aid that the Xunta publishes for the improvement of business parks has already been requested, through the San Cibrao City Council, demanding cameras for the City of Transport and the C sector.

One of the main strengths of the polygon is the existence of a fire service in the heart of this, within the facilities of the headquarters of the Association. During this year they have intervened in three industrial fires, two of them in companies in the industrial zone and another in Pereiro de Aguiar. Thanks to their quick intervention, there was no great damage to regret.

AEPI San Cibrao Services

Throughout the meeting, the President of the Association, José Antonio Rodríguez Araujo, also valued broad support that the railway freight station has received a project for the freight station from the Congress, Parliament and the City Council of Ourense through different agreements. Previously, the Provincial Council and the San Cibrao City Council had made it explicit. It is thus clear that it is a strategic infrastructure for the growth of companies that settle in this industrial area. It should be remembered that currently 90% of the goods in Ourense move in the business belt that forms the San Cibrao, Barreiros, Seixalbo and Pereiro de Aguiar polygon and that the infrastructure would allow the release of some 140,000 square meters currently occupied by the goods area at the Empalme de Ourense station.

It was also reported that in April the contract for the new operators that make up the maintenance service for the San Cibrao industrial estate.

The collaboration agreements signed were also reported. One of them with Abanca, which aims to help repair the signage of the industrial estate, in a state of disrepair.

The Board of the Association also addressed the latest news about the Ourense Way Shopping Center, whose promoter recently announced that it has new deadlines for the beginning of the works, with a forecast of completion in the spring of 2022, date on which the facilities are expected to be inaugurated.

COVID-19 special service

With the pandemic entering its final phase, the businessmen also took stock of the actions and steps taken to help the associated firms:

  • Delivery of 90,000 masks in collaboration with the Xunta de Galicia and the Government of Spain.
  • Disinfection of the San Cibrao polygon, in collaboration with the Council.
  • & nbsp; Participation in work forums with the public administration to show the situation of the polygon.
  • Organization of information days on ERTEs and different tax, labor and commercial news.
  • Strengthening of services such as private security, televigilance and advice.
  • Management of more than 4,600 inquiries from companies that were in a situation of confusion.
  • Sending 254 informative emails on health, economic and security measures to associated companies.
  • Updating of the web page with a new private and current area.
  • Preparation of posters with the restrictions in force in every moment for its communication to the associates .
  • Creation of an informative newsletter for the products and services offered by partners against covid-19.
  • Launch of motivational campaigns with messages of support to partners and companies.

In short, it has redoubled efforts, supporting, defending and motivating companies in the search for solutions during a situation of great uncertainty.